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American Baptist Women’s Ministries - Crisis at the Border

2014 Mission Focus

How Can We Be Advocates and Supports?

The issue of "Unaccompanied Alien Children," or UACs (the official name for unaccompanied children arriving in the U.S.) needs our voice. It can be difficult to sort through the information, especially given the polemic nature of the arguments. The following will provide some easier-to-digest informational resources to help you know how you can be a voice on behalf of the voiceless. You will also find ways you can contribute to needs.

  • Some legislators want to roll back protections offered in the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA) of 2008. For an excellent list of talking points related to this, click here.
  • For information from Church World Service on advocacy around immigration issues, click here.
  • For toolkits on civic engagement, congressional legislation, prayer vigils, and other helpful advocacy resources, click here.
  • To track legislation and to find out how your congressional representatives stand on the issue (as well as finding links for quickly contacting your representatives with your opinion), click here. By setting up a free account, you can provide your zip code to have the site find your congressional district and representatives in the House and Senate. You can also set up "trackers" to follow particular legislations or to follow your representatives. If you're interested in putting in a phone call to your representative, use the "Call Congress" button available on description of the bill in question. It will then walk you through a "wizard" in which you provide your zip code, it finds your representative, provides a sample script, and will connect the call for you if you have your computer set up as such. If not, it will give you the phone number or website address of your representative for you to call yourself or use contact forms provided on your representative's website.
  • For information available from AB Home Mission Societies' Immigration and Refugee Services, click here.
  • Would you like to send messages of hope? Click here to download a PDF with information about Church World Service's Angel to Angel Project: Cards of Care and Prayer.
  • Church World Service is directly engaged in providing assistance for unaccompanied children: pro bono legal services, multi-faith spiritual care through chaplains at detention centers, providing basics (food, clothing, medical care, transport) for children and families without support after initial screening, advocating for rights and funding for refugees, and providing for needs for 1000 youth through a shelter in the Honduras. To support Church World Service's work, click here.
  • Contact Refugee Resettlement agencies near you to see what donation needs they may have. (Many UACs are being relocated through refugee resettlement systems.) To see what agencies may be available in your area, type "refugee resettlement [name of city/state]" and see what turns up.
  • Click here to watch a video interview of Sonia Nazario on Anderson Cooper's 360 (6:55). It includes Sonia's own thoughts on some advocacy issues.

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