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Prayer & Politiks

a blog from Ken Sehested

We have mentioned before our Founding Director Ken Sehested’s excellent new blog and website Prayer & Politiks.

Now, here’s a great idea from our friends at Circle of Mercy of how to incorporate Prayer & Politiks into your church life. Though this was a Lenten practice, it would clearly be used at any time of the year.

Consider this invitation to a Lenten practice. It's based on the excitement among us about Ken's website and blog Prayer & Politiks.

Many of us are reading and benefitting from Ken at his poetic, prophetic best. Here is the invitation: to pick one reading from Ken's blog each week of Lent, sit with it, ponder it, pray it, possibly journal about it. Then the next week you pick some other saying to live with for that week. Then, on Saturday, April 4 (between Good Friday and Easter Sunday)  those participating will meet in for sharing our Lenten experiences provoked by Ken's blog followed by a light lunch.

The Gilead Sabbath Initiative is a major initiative from the Religious Institute to engage congregations in education, prayer, and advocacy to support human rights for LGBTQ people globally. Educate: As people of faith, we are called to witness the violence, persecution, and discrimination faced by LGBTQ persons too often perpetrated in the name of faith. Pray: the Gilead Sabbath Initiative invites people of faith to reflection and prayer in their communities – enacting in worship their commitments to holding the tensions of the world, preaching words of love, and working toward justice. Advocate: The Gilead Sabbath Initiative calls congregations to social and political action – advocating for an end to policies that deny basic human rights to LGBTQ people and the misuse of religion to support such human rights violations. Click here to read more.

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