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2015 Peace, Justice & Reconciliation Mission Grant for In-Home Tutoring Project

from Mona Han, Peace, Justice & Reconciliation Team, University Baptist Church Seattle

In 2014, Coalition for Refugees from Burma (CRB) received $4,000 from UBC’s Peace, Justice & Reconciliation (PJR) Mission Grants Program to enable our youth program to provide academic services to 22 new refugee students.

These youths had been in the country for more than three years but needed tremendous academic support and are not covered by other limited funding sources. The PJR Missions Grant funding paid for part of the cost of their tutoring tool kits, supplies, field trips, and bus passes to attend enrichment activities that their parents cannot afford.

In June, as we ended the 2014-15 academic year, Coalition for Refugees from Burma reports that their In-Home Tutoring Project has a total of 28 tutors who have worked with 34 refugee students. Our wonderful tutors prioritize the students’ homework, but they are also dedicated to improving the academic achievement outcomes of their students.

The educational activities included a focus on increasing students’ retention of background knowledge and related English language vocabulary; working collaboratively to complete Washington middle school student science fair project; practicing math facts, such as the multiplication table; building English language sight word recognition; studying for upcoming math tests; and working on students’ reading responses.

From the CRB staff: "Thanks to UBC PJR Mission Grants, we have generated 516 contact hours of individualized tutoring with students who would have no other additional support for after-school academic support. With the help of In-Home Tutors, 100 percent of our refugee students increased the amount of homework they successfully completed and returned to their teachers. In addition, 100% of refugee students who participated in the In-Home Tutoring Project created realistic and attainable goals that were monitored throughout the 2014-2015 school year. On behalf of CRB staff, I would like to thank UBC for this opportunity to create educational equity for minority students to be successful in school and beyond."

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