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All Are Welcome

from the Oakhurst Baptist Youth, Oakhurst Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA

All Are Welcome

In recognition of Pride Sunday, the Oakhurst Baptist youth expanded on Galatians 3:28, which is part of the Oakhurst Covenant:

For all are one in Christ Jesus. 
There is no longer Jew or Greek, 
slave or free, 
male or female.....
intelligent or unintelligent, 
able or disabled or differently abled, 
amputated or fully limbed, 
transgender or cisgender, 
gay or straight, 
body types 
--tall or short or skinny or heavy set, 
black or white, 
liberal or conservative, 
Democrat or Republican, 
nerd or hipster, 
Oakhurst or other churches, 
rich or poor, 
mental illness and mental health, 
American or immigrant. 
For all are one in Christ Jesus.

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