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For All

by Annaliese and Dante Terminello, "For All" directors

For All

Annaliese, Dante and son John Prince

This article highlights two members of Seattle First Baptist, Dante and Annaliese Terminello. Both in ministry, these two run a nonprofit that provides Free Food for All. Moreso, all food they use are all fresh items grocery stores will throw away as they get in new inventory. Their philosophy is multifaceted. It considers "environmental impacts, hunger issues, reduction of need, childhood enrichment, and the general wellbeing of all human beings." Also see "Congregational Engagement: Crossing Borders in Service" from Peach Jack for more information.

“For All” is a new and growing nonprofit organization that is focused on community health and sustainability. Seattle First Baptist Church has been one of our strongest partners over the past three years as we transitioned from being a community based organization to a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit organization.

The Free Burrito Project: Every third Saturday and the Friday before, volunteers from Seattle First Baptist Church and Bet Alef Meditative Synagogue gather in the kitchens of Seattle First Baptist Church to prep, roll, and then distribute over 500 burritos that are dietary vegan, Halal, and Kosher. Most of the burritos are offered to people in public parks, streets, and shelters for FREE, though the burritos are created for ALL to eat and enjoy.

Grocery Rescue Program: Every Saturday and Sunday, "For All" volunteers pick up donated food from grocery stores and distribute that food to the public for free in a number of ways, including Really Free Markets, The Free Burrito Project, Home Box Delivery, and Summer Meals for Kids programs. We are always looking for volunteer drivers to help pick up, sort, and drop off food.

Summer Meals for Kids and Teens: Many of you may not know that Seattle First Baptist Church has partnered with "For All" in an effort to offer free meals to kids and teens when school is out through the federal Summer Meals for Kids program. Since 2013, "For All" has used the SFBC kitchen to create and serve over 5,500 meals to kids and teens at special sites throughout Seattle in areas in which 50% or more of school children are enrolled in free or reduced price lunch. Thank you Seattle First Baptist Church for donating your beautiful kitchen space, and thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make and distribute meals this Summer!

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