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Solar Panel Initiative

from the Earth Ministries Committee, Binkley Baptist Church, Chapel Hill, NC

From February 14-March 20, 2016, the congregation of Binkley Baptist Church raised $40,000 to install 35 solar panels on the roof of the church. This will help the church produce energy in a more environmentally responsible way.

This will:

  • Reduce our carbon footprint and help do our part in reducing global warming
  • Be a public statement by Binkley about our commitment to renewable energy, as we join a growing number of churches that are doing the same
  • Make a statement about our commitment to social justice, since global warming hits the poor hardest here and around the world
  • Reduce our energy bill an estimated $52,000 over 25 years

And the environmental impact will be substantial. Through this initiative, Binkley will:

  • Save mining and burning 11,000 lbs of coal annually, or
  • Reduce the amount of CO2 produced annually equal to 18000 car miles, or
  • Reduce the release of over 18000 lbs of CO2 annually.

The solar panels should function past 25 years, but with reduced efficiency.

This project is part of a larger effort called The Greening of Binkley. Since the Summer of 2015, congregation members and church leadership have worked on this by:

  • Assisting in an energy audit conducted by the Interfaith Council of NC
  • Researching the benefits and then securing Church Council approval for purchasing a centralized thermostat control system
  • Installing many LED light bulbs
  • Installing a new energy saving refrigerator in the kitchen
  • Installing overhead fans in the kitchen - that also increases the comfort of kitchen volunteers
  • Planning to increase signage in our building about energy conservation

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