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The Coffee Scoop

by Lalla Dabbs, Myers Park Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC

What is up with the coffee these days? Is it just for the ELDERLY? Why is there a donation basket? How much should I leave as a donation? Who is the delightful lady refilling the coffee pot each Sunday? Does it matter which coffee cup I use? Can I sit at the bistro tables by the window? Can I take a coffee mug to Sunday School with me? Can I buy a bag to take home?

These are just a few of the questions I have heard over the last few months since we rolled out our new coffee service, and I am here to answer them all, or at least try to. First of all, the new coffee is a delicious brew from Enderly Coffee, not Elderly Coffee. So, no, it is not just for the elderly. Enderly Coffee is a local coffee provider located in the west Charlotte neighborhood of Enderly Park. It proclaims its unique mission on its website: "To provide OPPORTUNITY through RELATIONSHIPS in order to ADD VALUE to Enderly Park and Charlotte," and "to encourage and inspire others to live for others."

Becky and Tony Santoro started Enderly Coffee in 2012 and have worked to create a “sustainable community development along with QC Family Tree” in Enderly Park. They are former teachers with a shared love of coffee. You can read more about their story on their website.

Through QC Family Tree, we have the wonderful Michelle who comes in every Sunday morning at 8:30 to brew and set up the coffee, and she stays until 2 pm cleaning the coffee pots and coffee cups. She says this is the perfect job for her because she loves coffee, and she can only work on Sundays. When Michelle is not at MPBC, she is busy with her four children and young grandson. Be sure to ask her about her children and grandson, as the stories she tells will brighten your day.

The donation basket is there to help pay Michelle and offset the cost of the coffee; however, what you are really doing when you drop a dollar or two in the basket is helping to develop a relationship with our neighbors in Enderly Park, contributing to Enderly Coffee’s mission to “add value to Enderly Park and Charlotte.” A dollar really does go a long way in this case.

I hope that next Sunday you will discover the Enderly Coffee table in Heaton Hall Foyer, where you will find a variety of coffee mugs that will remind you of your own kitchen cabinet at home. Fill a mug with some hot coffee, fix it just the way you like it, and take the warmth with you to your class or to one of the bistro tables in the Foyer. As you drop your dollar into the basket, know that you made a connection to, a relationship with, and an opportunity for an Enderly Park neighbor. 

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