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A Note from the Minister: On Charlottesville

from Rev. Mary Wilson, pastor of Church of the Savior in Cedar Park, TX

Is there a southern heritage that people from the south can be proud of? Of course. I'm proud of the way my ancestors worked the land, fought through the depression, raised their families in love with no material worth to speak of, and persevered through hard times. They have taught me well and I appreciate every bit of benefit I have gained from their strength. 

However, I am not proud of the way my grandmother used the "n" word. I love her and always will, but her attitudes about black people were wrong. They were wrong then and there is no pretending otherwise today.

I am not proud of relatives I have today who are racists, even if there are other things about them that I love. 

So, I believe we can celebrate heritage without pretending that the bad parts are good parts. I know that's simple language, but hopefully it's sufficient.

And, there will never be a time when I expect to nuance racism in any form that we see it, much less from openly, self-identified, white supremacists, Nazis, or KKK members. And there will never be a time in which I think it is okay for government to include them in the White House administration. And there will never be a time in which I think it is okay for our government to encourage their views or acts of violence.

There were not "many" sides at fault in Charlottesville. There was one side at fault; the white supremacists, Nazi, KKK side. End of story.

Peace be with you in a not so peaceful time.

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