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A Prayer for Charlottesville

from First Baptist Church in Beverly, MA

We stand horrified, angered, and saddened at the violence in Charlottesville. Our hearts, prayers, hopes, and care is with the injured and killed, their families and friends, the UVA and Charlottesville community, and all those whose lives are forever changed as a result of racist marches, demonstrations, and acts of violence.

We acknowledge that the systemic racism woven into the day to day of our nation is the seed that allows hate to grow and flourish. We acknowledge it is up to every one of us - but particularly those of us whom the system privileges because we were born white - to speak against these acts of hate, to work to dismantle our broken and racist systems, and to build a community that actually reflects God's heaven here on earth.

Be with us, O God. Give us strength and courage to follow in your path and to work for justice, peace, and love. Hear our prayers.

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