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Hymns for Labor/Labour Day

Jobs with Justice requests that any church using these hymns in worship or any other gathering include the composer’s copyright in its materials.

Where Are Liberty and Justice?
Amos 4:1, 5:11-12, 24; Proverbs 1:20-23, 3:13-18

Where are liberty and justice when so many live in need?
Let us rise to caring action, showing faith and love through deeds.
Holy Wisdom, give us courage; help us be Your prophets bold,
joining You to end oppression, truth and fairness to uphold.

Now the rich are growing richer, while the poor cry in distress;
heads of corporations flourish, while the poor have less and less.
Millions suffer unemployment; many more are underpaid;
give us power, Holy Wisdom, so that changes can be made.

How unjust that some make millions, crushing others with their greed,
basic rights of workers flaunting, never hearing those in need.
Holy Wisdom, come to help us; give us power to unite,
moving hearts and changing systems, joining hands to work for right.

Holy Wisdom, send us forward, working for equality,
economic fairness bringing, making dreams reality.
As we join with those who suffer, fill us with Your loving care;
may we take Your peaceful pathways, bringing justice everywhere.

Words © 2011 Jann Aldredge-Clanton -- EBENEZER or BEACH SPRING D

We Hear the Cries of Millions
Amos 5:11-12, 21-24

We hear the cries of millions, weighed down with stress and strain;
the rich are growing richer; the poor cry out in pain.
Come, Sister-Brother Spirit, and help us all unite,
to join in loving kindness and faith to work for right.

Now jobs are getting scarcer, while corporations thrive;
the unemployed are struggling to keep their hope alive.
Come, Brother-Sister Spirit, and guide us to be fair,
to change oppressive systems so everyone will share.

Join hands for jobs with justice, with workers’ rights ensured,
with safe and fair conditions, health care for all secured.
Come, Sister-Brother Spirit, and fill us with Your power;
inspire our words and actions in this most urgent hour.

Now let us work together to bring equality,
so all are fully nourished to be all we can be.
Let justice roll like waters, like everflowing streams;
come, Brother-Sister Spirit, awaken hopes and dreams.

Words © 2011 Jann Aldredge-Clanton -- PASSION CHORALE, or AURELIA, or ANGEL’S STORY, or WHITFIELD D

Rise and Speak Out
Proverbs 1:20-23, 3:13-18; Luke 4:18

When we look all around, unemployment abounds,
and we’re filled with distress, fear, and doubt.
Then we hear Wisdom say, “We can show a new way.”
And She leads us to rise and speak out.

There are millions in need, crushed by others with greed,
who abuse and oppress with their clout.
Wisdom calls us to go, and Her justice to show,
and She leads us with love to speak out.

There’ll be fairness and peace; workers’ rights will increase,
when we wake up and hear Wisdom shout.
Let us come and unite, working daily for right;
join together to rise and speak out.

Rise up and shout,
for it’s time to speak out;
let us cry out for justice;
let us rise and speak out.

Words © 2011 Jann Aldredge-Clanton -- TRUST AND OBEY -- Irregular

Join Together, Work for Justice
Proverbs 3:15-18

Join together, work for justice, caring for all workers’ plights,
changing stifling sexist customs; women’s rights are human rights;
call for equal pay and access; women’s rights are workers’ rights.
Holy Wisdom guides our labor, giving strength all day and night.

Come together now for action; male and female all unite;
joining hands for jobs with justice, labor for all human rights.
Holy Wisdom guides us forward, shows new patterns to arrange;
follow Her transforming pathways, making peace, inspiring change.

Join together now in circles, sacred space for every voice,
working for a world of justice, equal rights and equal choice.
Sharing liberating stories, we create the world anew;
Holy Wisdom guides our vision, giving all Her glorious view.

Words © 2014 Jann Aldredge-Clanton AUSTRIAN HYMN D

We Work for Jobs with Justice Now
Genesis 1:27; Exodus 6:2-8

We work for jobs with justice now, for true equality;
come, Sister-Brother Spirit, come, and help us all be free.

We join together, claiming power, as workers we unite;
come, Sister-Brother Spirit, come, restore our human rights.

We work to stop injustice now, to end oppressive ways;
come, Sister-Brother Spirit, come, and guide to better days.

Come, Sister-Brother Spirit, come, and heal our wounded past;
together we shall overcome, and all be free at last.                                    

We are claiming the promised land; we are claiming the promised land;
come, sisters, brothers, hand in hand; we are claiming the promised land.

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