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We Are an Easter People

by Jann Aldredge-Clanton

We Are an Easter People
John 15:13, 1:1; Matthew 28:20, 25:40; I Corinthians 1:24

We are an Easter people; we celebrate new life;
we share an Easter mission of healing pain and strife.
We welcome new creation, unfolding every day;
our risen Friend-Companion shows us the peaceful way.

We are an Easter people; we sing an Easter song;
new hope springs up each morning to help us labor long.
Our risen Brother-Sister goes with us every day
to join the poor and hungry and show the healing way.

We are an Easter people; our gifts can fully flower;
the Wisdom-Word within us has given us new power.
Our resurrection story inspires our highest dreams;
our resurrection vision before us brightly beams.

Words © 2009 Jann Aldredge-Clanton                      LANCASHIRE

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