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BPFNA ~ Bautistas por la Paz gathers, equips, and mobilizes peacemakers to witness to God’s peace rooted in justice and work together until it comes. We have members from across Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the United States who are committed to the work of peace and justice. This section is dedicated to the peacemakers in our midst who are doing the word of peace in communities throughout our four member countries and the world. We hope this will give you an idea of who we are and get to know a little about some of the incredible people we get to call friends.

If you are not yet involved and would like to be, click here to learn more about ways to become a member and join the movement for peace rooted in justice. We look forward to getting to know you!

Featured Peacemaker

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Stories of Peacemakers

Standing with Standing Rock -by Stacey Simpson Duke

Reflecting on the Past to Change the Future Journey -by Paw Say Ku

Miracle -by George Williamson

The Seed of our Highest Hope -by Rev. Javier Ulloa

The Role of the Church in Times Such as These -by Mary Hammond

Conflict Transformation Training in the Rift Valley, Kenya -by Boaz Kiebarak

What They're Saying

"BPFNA does great peace and justice work all around the world, working with both Baptists and non-Baptists. It's a great support organization also for those on the front line of peace and justice work."

"BPFNA has been instrumental in educating our community and churches regarding issues of Peace and Justice. It has been a great resource in providing workshops. It has been very helpful In keeping us informed about current issues of peace and justice and inspiring us in productive activities. Many of our members have received inspiration and skills by attending the annual 'Peace Camp' and other events."

“The support of BPFNA has been invaluable and has helped the Hispanic Summer Program bring scholars who have taught courses with a very needed focus on peace making. [BPFNA Board President] Mayra Picos-Lee was just a delight this year and as a pastoral counselor very helpful.” 

"Grateful for your vulnerability, honesty, and courage. It’s contagious."

“Waging peace is not easy work, and to be in the presence of those with similar values and goals will feed and renew my tired spirit.”

“We are always honored to be known as part of the BPFNA.” 

“Delighted to be your partners in peace!”

BPFNA Members in the News

50 years after ‘Beyond Vietnam’: What’s changed? -from Amy Butler (Baptist News Global)

Religious Communities Continue The Long Tradition Of Offering Sanctuary -from NPR

There is nothing too good for the poor -from Greg Jarrell (Baptist News Global)

Needham church sign welcomes Muslims, immigrants, all neighbors -from Wicked Local Needham

Muslim justice: A Christian imperative for the Trump years -from Cody Sanders (Baptist News Global)


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