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Statement on the Flint Water Crisis

Queridas y queridos seguidores de la paz,

One of the most recent demonstrations of a health crisis brought on by state inaction affecting primarily minoritized communities in a developed country is the case of the city of Flint, Michigan, USA. The crisis took a “human face” some months ago when children from throughout the community began showing poisonous levels of lead in medical tests. The tragedy of this situation is that this has been years in the making. It has been documented that the state and private industries in the area knew about this situation and never communicated the risk coming out of people’s faucets. Water is life. And that is not only a liturgical statement. It is one of the most fundamental realities we share, as humans, with each other and with the created order.

Working for peace rooted in justice in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the United States, we call on all peace-loving people to pray for the health of the residents of Flint, and to commit to local action to require the government of Michigan to immediately provide a sustainable source of clean water and infrastructure to them. We also call on all peace-loving people of North America to remember the water crises happening throughout our region with el Niño creating drought conditions in Puerto Rico, northern Mexico, and the US West and flooding in southeastern Mexico, with oil extraction in the tar sands region of northern Alberta in Canada polluting nearby waters - a region with profound spiritual and historic significance to Canada’s first peoples, and with the commodification of water which is closing access to clean water to many throughout our region and the world.

As we encourage you to pray, witness and work for peace as it relates to water, we also share some resources that can help you organize to this end, and ask that you send us resources  you might be aware of that could encourage our work for peace and justice as it particularly relates to clean water access in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the United States.


LeDayne Polaski               Amaury Tañón-Santos
Executive Director            President, Board of Directors

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