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The Woman at the Wall

May 9, 2012 | The following is a true story told to LeDayne by American Baptist missionary Ray Schellinger. Ray and his wife Adalia run Deborah's House, a domestic violence shelter in Tijuana, Mexico. LeDayne and Ray led a Seminarian Friendship Tour in Tijuana in January, 2012. Read more »

From International Ministries: Fire at Mae La Refugee Camp Destroys Bible School

May 2, 2012 | Please pray for those in Burma who were affected by this tragic event.A fire has destroyed the Kawthoolei Karen Baptist Bible School and College and other buildings in Mae La Refugee Camp on the Thailand/Myanmar border. Camp residents managed to put out the fire after about an hour, according to Karen News.The Kawthoolei Karen Baptist Bible School & College was established and started on June 9th, 1983 at Htee K\'Haw, near Mae La village in Pa-an district of Kawthoolei (Karen State). In 1990, the long existing civil war between the Karen and the Burmese (which began in 1949) made it necessary for it to move to its current location at the Mae La Refugee Camp in Thailand. Read more »

One World Peace Concert: Hiroshima, Japan

May 2, 2012 | On April 13, 2012 the World Friendship Center (WFC), sponsored One World, Peace Concert in Hiroshima, Japan. The following is a performance from American peace folk singer, Mike Stern. The song is entitled One World and features a slideshow of photos from the concert. Read more »

From BBC Asia: Kachin Plight Reveals Burma's Patchy Progress

May 1, 2012 | An excellent report from the BBC on the Kachins in northern Burma/Myanmar. The BPFNA played a role in the peace process that led to the cease-fire of the Kachins with the military government of Burma 17 years ago. During this past year that cease-fire has disintegrated. While there are many positive developments, including peace processes with the Karens and the electoral victory of Aung San Suu Kyi, the Kachin conflict is a very nasty one that is leaving tens of thousands suffering horribly. Read more »

An Open Letter to President Obama

March 29, 2012 | Charlotte, NC ñ March 29, 2012 ñ On March 28, 2012, BPFNA Board of Directors approved the organizationís official statement regarding a possible war with Iran. The statement, ìAn Open Letter to President Obamaî has been sent to the US president.The Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America speaks on behalf of a network of Baptists who understand that peacemaking is hard work. We add our voice to other peacemakers who desire diplomacy over bombs and urge talks over threats. We know another way is possible. Jesusí insistence on loving enemies precludes the willingness to kill them. Waging peace requires at least as much commitment ñ as much courage, pride, honor and ingenuity ñ as the pursuit of war. We urge you to make that commitment to peace.The Board is working on modifying the US version to send to other North American leaders. Read more »

A Reflection from Burma

March 19, 2012 | BPFNA member Carine Donze reports on her experiences in Burma during the BPFNA Friendship Tour. This past January, Julie Warner lead a BPFNA Friendship Tour to Burma (Myanmar). I feel blessed to have been a part of this trip, along with Carol Day and Kay Cheves. I was asked by my church to give a report on this incredible experience. I have not tried to build a ìscientificî report, but have rather focused on giving our congregation the strongest sense of what we have lived during these almost 3 weeks in the few minutes I had to talk. So I decided to tell three stories representing powerful, key moments that I will never forget. Read more »

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