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A Prayer for Orlando

from The United Church of Granville – Granville, OH

O Source and Body of all Love,
We stand here stunned
at the harm that humans can inflict upon one another
And we mourn with all those who mourn.
We think of all mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers,
friends and neighbors and spouses and partners
who have suffered losses too deep for words.
We think of a nation reeling
in the face of problems we seem so unable to solve.
Lead us all in the ways of community and truth.
Hear our cries and sighs of grief,
for You know the anguish of all hearts.
It is beyond our understanding
and more than we can bear.
Accept our prayer
that those who have lost their lives
may they be received
into your safe hands and secure love.
And we pray that right relationship may be restored
every loving memory treasured,
and our nation healed of its wounds.
In simplicity and sincerity we pray. 

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