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Resources for Refugee Resettlement in Canada and the United States

If you are interested in countering hatred by helping a family to resettle, here are some resources that can help.


Canadian Baptist Ministries

Canadian Baptist Ministries has been at work for some time encouraging churches to sponsor resettling families. Canadian Baptists have set a goal of sponsoring 100 Syrian and Iraqi refugee families. If your church is interested in participating, contact your regional denominational office.

Click here to see more.

United Church of Canada (UCC)

 The United Church of Canada extends its Sponsorship Agreement Holder status to local churches willing to sign on to this kind of a partnership. The UCC has full time Refugee Programme staff doing nothing but their part to make this happen. The lead person is Khwaka Kukubo (416-231-7680 ext. 4068).

Anglicans and Uniteds for Refugee Assistance

There is also a group called AURA (Anglicans and Uniteds for Refugee Assistance), an NGO representing both the Toronto Diocese (Anglican) and Toronto Conference (United). Both are Sponsorship Agreement Holders for many decades.


In the US, the best way to get involved is to find a local group already working on refugee resettlement and contact them to ask about their needs. Depending on your degree of interest and your available resources (time, money, etc), there are wide variety of ways you can get involved. Be in touch with your local refugee resettlement agency to lean about their needs. A directory can be found here.  

Some of the main groups working on refugee resettlement within the US are: 

Church World Service (CWS)

CWS directly connect families with churches. Click here to learn about their work with refugees and immigrants. Here is also a list of CWS offices throughout the US. CWS is also making calls to action which you can find on their homepage.

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service

Click here for more information. You can also click here to see their resources for a Refugee Sunday.

Catholic Social Services

Click here for more information.

World Relief

Click here for more information.

PICO National Network

Here's a quick one-pager on Sanctuary for congregations, and for further resources:

1: This link will take you PICO's Sanctuary Congregations toolkit
2: Here is a recording of a webinar PICO did with clergy on Sanctuary a month or so back
3: And finally, here's more information on Sanctuary Cities


Here's a map to which immigrant support groups are active in which areas of the US.

And here's a good list of groups active in refugee resettlement.


BPFNA ~ Bautistas por la Paz

While not everything in this document is relevant to the current crisis, our Issue Monograph on Migrant Justice has theological reflections, some biblical resources, a wealth of ideas for educating yourself and your congregation, first-person stories, and a good list of organizations you can contact for more information or to get involved.

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