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BPFNA Endorses "Declaration of Peace"


September 8, 2006 | bpfna

BPFNA has become an organizational endorser of the "Declaration of Peace", a US nationwide campaign to establish by September 21, 2006, a "concrete and rapid plan for peace in Iraq." The coalition of more than 250 peace-oriented groups across the country is working toward a week of non-violent action across the US and in Washington, D.C., including a procession of persons of faith to the offices of the US Senate on September 26.

BPFNA members are encouraged to sign on to the Declaration of Peace. Endorsements may be registered at their website,, or by signing the paper copy available at

From the website at

The Declaration of Peace is a commitment to take nonviolent steps for a comprehensive, concrete and rapid end to the US war in Iraq, including:

  • Withdrawal of US troops and all coalition forces
  • Closure of US military basesSupport for an Iraqi-led peace process, including a peace conference to shape a post-occupation transition and an international peacekeeping presence if mandated by this peace process
  • Return of Iraqi control over its oil resources and the political and economic life of the nation
  • Reparations and reconstruction to address the destruction caused by the US war and thirteen years of sanctions
  • Establish a “peace dividend” for job creation, health care, education, housing, and other vital social needsIncreased support for US veterans of the Iraq war, and
  • No so-called “preventive” war against Iran or any other nation

The group says, "This comprehensive plan must be established and activated no later than September 21, 2006, and completed no later than March 19, 2007, ending four years of war and occupation in Iraq. We will take every nonviolent step possible to meet this goal before these deadlines."

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