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"We Say NO"


March 22, 2007 | bpfna

BPFNA has drafted a statement encouraging the pursuit of a peaceful solution in dealing with Iran's nuclear capability. In its opening paragraphs, the statement reads:

". . . they are a law unto themselves and promote their own honor. Their own strength is their god. –Habakkuk 1:7b, 11c

"Despite assurances to the contrary from the U.S. Administration, we believe our nation's leaders may be seriously calculating the benefits and risks of attacking Iran. Our reading of this moment in history, in light of our commitments as citizens and our convictions as followers of Jesus, impels us to oppose such a move.

"We fear that our political leadership–led by the Administration with the complicity of Congress–is pushing us to the brink of moral, financial, ecological and diplomatic bankruptcy.

"As with the ancient empire described in the Prophet Habakkuk's oracle, our government is setting its “national interests” above international norms of justice, usurping all authority to itself. With an escalating military budget–already larger than those of all other nations combined–we seem to have established our own destructive threat as the source of national glory and honor."

click here to read the complete statement

The complete statement is available through the links on this page. BPFNA invites all who agree to sign the statement.
The statement and the names of all who signed on will be sent to the US and Iranian governments after Easter.

The statement also invites supporters to become more involved by taking action:

"In addition to endorsing the “We Say NO!” statement, BPFNA invites you to personally commit to closely monitor the news about Iran in the coming days and to decide ahead of time some active form of resistance should such an attack occur.

"Such resistance could be as simple as having conversation with your children, with family members, with neighbors, friends and co-workers. It might mean focused reading about Iran or writing letters to elected officials. Or it might mean taking part in public demonstrations against the war or even a conscientious act of nonviolent civil disobedience/Divine obedience. The options are many.
While it can be easy to make such a decision for action, it may be difficult to follow through on it. Resisting the “powers that be” requires intentional effort. It’s never easy, is often inconvenient and is occasionally expensive. Therefore, we suggest that you find a leverage point close to where you are; decide what you have to give; and put your heart into it. Afterwards, think critically about your decision and make adjustments as appropriate."

click here read the full statement

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