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"Peaceteacher" Now Available!


June 12, 2007 | bpfna

In his latest book, Stephen D. Jones identifies four chapters in Jesus' ministry as a teacher of peace and shalom, and he helps us see the centrality of shalom to Jesus' ministry and teachings. Recognizing the challenge of interpreting Jesus' central teaching, the kingdom of God, to persons in the 21st century, the author suggests, "Today, people might better respond to the Shalom of God, an anticipated time in which God's way of fulfillment, hope, well being, nonviolence and justice will be revealed. The Shalom of God is 'at hand' when all things work together as God intended. Jesus is the peaceteacher of the shalom on God."

While the word, "peace", arises out of Western dualistic thinking, and can refere either to inner peace or political peace, "shalom" arises out of Hebraic holistic thinking referring to seeking the well-being and wholeness of everyone, self included.

Jones state, "Shalom certainly includes an absence of war and commitment to nonviolence, but it also has to do with personal wholeness and societal harmony. It has to do with seeking the well being and personal fulfillment of everyone. Shalom is living God's ways with others, with society and with the created order."

"Peaceteacher" is available now in the BPFNA online catalog, or by calling (704) 521-6051.

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