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Summer Conference Concludes in Berea


July 25, 2007 | bpfna

Our 2007 summer conference, "As the Powers Fall", has concluded in Berea, Kentucky, following a week of inspiring plenary sessions, workshops and worship at Berea College and Union Church. During Monday night's opening session, performing artists Alicia Pagan and Ray Two Crows Wallen offered an invocation based in Native American tradition as they called on the spirits of the ancestors to be with us through the week.

(Alicia Pagan & Ray Two Crows Wallen at the opening session; Vern Ratzlaff in a workshop; "Marching in the Light of God" with Si Kahn)

Noted folk singer and grassroots organizer Si Kahn leads music at plenary sessions, drawing on his immense wealth of knowledge in songs of peace, justice and freedom. Author, essayist, poet and farmer Wendell Berry joined us Tuesday afternoon for a reading and a time of discussion. Vern Ratzlaff is leading a meaningful bible study series on empire through the week. Al Staggs has used his gifts of ministry to bring us closer to the lives and work of Oscar Romero and Clarence Jordan. Elaine Enns is introducing more than 40 "peace campers" to the theory of restorative justice during her week-long workshop, "Ambassadors of Reconciliation", just one of many workshop offerings during the conference. Rita Nakashima Brock offered a Friday plenary session on "Saving Paradise: Reclaiming Christianity's Forgotten Love for This World". The youth and young adults led meaningful worship on Friday night and a time of communion at our closing service Saturday morning.

Click here to see the conference schedule as a PDF file.

Several resources, including written texts of many sessions and some audio recordings, will be available soon and will be publicized on this site. Conference attendees will receive an email when resources become available.

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