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'Erie 6' Protesters Sentenced to 5 Days in Jail


October 26, 2007 | bpfna

(October 26, 2007) - Six war protesters in Erie, PA were sentenced yesterday to five days each in jail as a result of their choice not to pay fines imposed for their March 19 action at the Erie courthouse, which houses the office of Sen. Arlen Specter. Among them is Katie White, who co-pastors Crossroads Community Baptist Church, an ABC congregation in Erie. As part of her defense, White planned to cite in court yesterday "A Call to Conscience and Community in a Time of War", the statement written by Deborah Hughes, Lawrence Hargrave, Peter Carman and Larry Greenfield and adopted by the BPFNA in May, which she says sums up her own convictions about the war.

Katie shares the Crossroads pastorate with her husband, David. They have 10 children, one of whom has served in the military in Afghanistan, and another who is currently serving in Iraq.

read an article on the hearing in the Erie Times-News
read "A Call to Conscience and Community in a Time of War"


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