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"Peace Transit" Tours to Raise Awareness


December 17, 2007 | bpfna

Peace Transit is a slow, cross-country bicycle tour - a sort of "relay" designed to raise awareness on the inter-relatedness of fuel dependencies, war and global climate instability. The group is asking elected leadership, organizations, families and individuals to reduce transportation energy consumption by reducing motor vehicle use (excepting ground public transit).

From the Peace Transit website:

By reducing transportation energy consumption we conserve fuel and material, we minimize climate change and we reduce international competition for oil (war). War and the maintenance of the machinery of war is globally unsustainable. We ask elected leadership, organizations, families and individuals to reduce their commitments to war and the machinery of war.

We will deliver to the President, to governors, and to mayors a petition requesting that they take action minimizing transportation energy consumption and reducing their commitment to war. You can sign on to the online petition below.

Our goal is ambitious - a national event involving thousands/millions. We are providing an opportunity for people at the local level to join a national event. We will work with local organizations at any point along the tour to organize local events.

The Tour welcomes bicyclists (minors must have parental support) for short, or longer, distances all along the route. Again, this tour is a relay. The longest leg has been the fifty (50) mile ride - one hundred (100) mile round trip - from Bardstown KY to Canmer KY. The Louisville KY team passed the baton to the Bardstown KY team. The Bardstown KY team passed the baton to the Canmer KY team and on around the country the tour goes. The relay approach maximizes the opportunity for many people to participate and minimizes the mileage commitment by individuals. A different team is recruited for each leg of the relay. If teams are not cycling back home after passing the baton, the Logistics team will help line up overnight hosting.

The Hosts are crucial to the success of the Peace Transit tour. Hosts are only responsible for providing a safe floor to sleep on overnight. Of course, the rider that refuses a couch, cot, air mattress or bed is the exception (and probably should not be allowed on the tour). The tour has been blessed with the generosity of gracious hosts. We need your help identifying housing.

The Peace Transit Ceremony
Teams are encouraged to conduct ceremonies all along the route.

The inaugural Peace Transit Ceremony took place Saturday (3 November 2007) at 8:00 a.m. in Louisville, Kentucky, at the General Castleman statue - a visually recognizable local landmark with a military context. Terry Taylor of Interfaith Paths to Peace welcomed the thirty participants and introduced the Peace Transit Tour. Susan Taylor spoke to the Peace Transit emblems (the baton, the rock and the petition parallel the three focuses of the Tour - fuel dependencies, global climate instability and war). The Rev. Joe Phelps of Highland Baptist Church introduced the riders, presented a copy of the petition to Whit Forrester and Barry Zalph for delivery to the Mayor, and presented a copy of the petition, the baton & the rock to Stephen Bartlett to be passed on to the next team. The Rev. Phil Lloyd-Sidle of James Lees Memorial Presbyterian Church blessed the riders, the bicycles, the tour supporters and the emblems. Cyclist and photo-journalist, John Paul, documented the event. After the ceremony the cycling team (some riding to Bardstown, others riding lesser distances) began the Peace Transit Tour accompanied by John Paul's boom-box strapped to the back of his big black Dutch commuter bike - "All we are saying, is give peace a chance" - by default, our anthem.

find out more on the Peace Transit website

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