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The Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference: Postcard from New Orleans
Tuesday, February 12, 2008


February 13, 2008 | bpfna

BPFNA staffers Evelyn Hanneman and Bob Spinks are in New Orleans this week, hosting an exhibit at The Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference.  Here's the second of their messages from that venue...

It was another busy, 12-hour day for us at the BPFNA booth, set up just outside the plenary meeting room for the Conference.  Although we were on guard all day, because of our location, the traffic came in spurts, either as the participants were on their way into the room and immediately after each plenary session as they were leaving.  

As we reported yesterday, the focus of our display is on the good work of Churches Supporting Churches in rebuilding this still-storm-damaged city and on our partnership in that effort.  We were pleased to have four pastors of CSC churches with us at various times during the day -- Pastors Charles Duplessis, Charles Garrison, Eric Rhodes, and Leonard Parker.  Their presence gave both weight and substance to our display of materials and their personal stories attracted a lot of attention.

Due to fortuitous (providential?) events early in the day, we were able to make two important contacts that we believe may be of eventual benefit to CSC.  First, a reader of yesterday's postcard from us forwarded an email copy of it to a Conference participant who, in turn, sought us out.  As a result, that participant linked us up with the director of volunteer recruitment for National Ministries of the American Baptist Churches USA who was staffing an exhibit in another area of the hall.  An extensive conversation between the CSC pastors present and that ABC/USA official followed, which assurances all around that everyone involved wanted to continue the conversation, in the hope that a meaningful partnership may develop.

Also, due to a mid-day shift of exhibit space assignments, the Director of Community Outreach for the Louisiana Recovery Authority, an agency of the State of Louisiana, was suddenly our next-booth neighbor.  In conversation with him, we found that his assignment was to work with faith-based organizations across the state in recovery efforts and that he had never heard of Churches Supporting Churches!  We took that opportunity for a full press of information for him and he had conversation with the CSC pastors who were on duty at the time, as well.  He promised further contact and we're hopeful that some good may come of it.

We mean it when we say it -- we're proud to be here representing you.  You'd be proud, too, to hear the many expressions of interest and encouragement that we enjoy.


Evelyn and Bob

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