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Christian Peace Witness for Iraq: Postcard from Washington, DC
Friday, March 7, 2008


March 10, 2008 | bpfna

BPFNA is a Partner with Christian Peace Witness for Iraq and a participant in the Mass Worship and Witness that took place in Washington, DC last Friday, March 7.  Bob Spinks was the Fellowship's staff representative at that event.  Here's his report from Washington....
A Witness in the rain!  In spite of the fact that Washington's weather had been near spring-like earlier in the week, Friday brought a steady downpour that literally dampened the day's entire agenda. 
The event itself, however, had been well planned and offered a meaningful experience for those who attended.  The day began with a series of worship services at a dozen churches that surround the US Capitol.  I chose the service at Lincoln Congregational Temple, UCC, the oldest African American Congregational church in the District, having been founded during the Civil War.  I was pleased to be joined there by BPFNA Board member Edgar Palacios and his wife, Amparo Palacios.
During a varied Order of Worship, we were moved by the heartfelt testimony of Celeste Zappala from Germantown, PA, co-founder of Gold Star Families for Peace, whose son had been killed in the early weeks following the US invasion of Iraq.  We were stirred, as well, by an excellent sermon by Mark Lomax, founding pastor of the First Afrikan Church, a Presbyterian congregation in Lithonia, GA.
Following the various services around town, the participants gathered in Upper Senate Park, within the (had the sun been shining) shadow of the Capitol dome.  Beneath a canopy of umbrellas, the assembly was blessed to hear from Christian, Jewish, and Muslim speakers, each calling for the swift withdrawal of US armed forces from Iraq and each urging the crowd to peaceful action.  Among the speakers was BPFNA member James Forbes.
Although the inclement weather reduced the size of the demonstration, I was honored to represent BPFNA, to be a part of such an important effort, and to be seen in the company of so many who share our convictions.

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10 Mar 2008

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