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"20,000 Dialogues": An Interfaith Resource


January 20, 2009 | bpfna

Congregations who are seeking more education about Islam or may be interested in generating some good interfaith
dialogue within their communities may wish to take advantage of the films and accompanying dialogue materials available from a project called 20,000 Dialogues ( They are distributing DVDs of five films on Islam and Muslims made by Unity Productions Foundation ( They also have discussion materials that are designed to
stimulate lively and respectful dialogue between people of different faiths. The project is endorsed by several national Christian, Jewish and Islamic organizations and assistance is available if you need help finding partners of different faiths to work with in your area.

Theo Brown, who is a Baptist, is coordinating outreach for this project and is the contact for those interested in organizing a local program or seeking more information. Complimentary copies of some of the films are available for review. Theo can be reached at 301/589-1006 or at [email protected].

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