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Christian Peace Witness for Iraq Events Underway in Washington, DC


April 29, 2009 | bpfna

April 29, 2009

Washington, DC -- While President Obama is holding a nationally televised press conference to mark the 100th day of his administration, hundreds of mostly progressive Christians will be gathered outside the White House risking arrest as they press the president for a quicker end to the war in Iraq. Christian Peace Witness for Iraq, a coalition of more than 20 faith-based peace groups, will participate in a public act of repentance for the war and ask the president to join them in beginning the work of reconciliation and rebuilding in Iraq.

"We are grateful for the president's early moves to end the war in Iraq and his boldness and clarity in telling the world that torture is never acceptable," said CPWI spokesperson Rick Ufford-Chase, director of the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship. "Now we call on President Obama to set a firm and quick timeline for removing all U.S. military bases and troops from Iraq. Healthy relationships are impossible if the Middle East fears we seek military and economic dominance in the region."

Earlier this year, Christian Peace Witness for Iraq sent a letter to President Obama asking the administration to:

  • Apologize to the people of Iraq on behalf of our nation.
  • Help Iraqis rebuild their country and resettle five million refugees.
  • Set a timeline to remove all U.S. military bases and troops from Iraq.

"Healing cannot begin without making it clear we are sorry for the suffering we caused for hundreds of thousands of Iraqis," said Ufford-Chase. "We must pursue the future well-being of Iraqis with the same vigor we applied to war against them," he continued.

On April 29, CPWI will hold a worship service and direct action to repent together of U.S. actions in Iraq, and to insist that the war must be brought to an immediate end. Events will include an opening convocation at National City Christian Church (featuring Noah Baker Merrill and Kathy Kelly), worship at the church at 7:00 p.m. (featuring Elizabeth McAlister, Tony Campolo, Lennox Yearwood, and Dianna Ortiz), and direct action in front of the White House at 8:45 p.m.

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BPFNA is an organizing partner in the Christian Peace Witness for Iraq.

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