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Two Important Observances in September and October


September 15, 2009 | bpfna

by Johnny Almond
September 10, 2009

We encourage BPFNA members to participate in two upcoming observances: The International Day of Prayer for Peace in September, and the International Day of Climate Action in October. Information on both was sent to our Partner Congregations, and we invite others to look at the suggested actions to find ways to get involved personally or to introduce one or both events to their own church, Sunday School or other group.

The International Day of Prayer for Peace was created by a 1981 United Nations resolution and intended to serve as a reminder to the world that achieving peace is an ongoing critical objective for humanity. There are many ways to observe the day, suggested for September 21, and we offer some suggestions in a short piece published recently. Click here to see it.

The International Day of Climate Action emphasizes our need to take better care of the earth. Centered around the idea of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, recommended activities for the day include everything from swapping out incandescent lights to showing movies and having group discussions on climate change. Click here to see our complete list of ideas and suggestions for this observance, suggested for October 25.

Special thanks to BPFNA intern James Price for collecting and writing materials for these observances.

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