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Would that you knew the things that make for peace


March 19, 2013

Would that you knew the things that make for peace

by Evelyn Hanneman
BPFNA Operations Coordinator

Ten years after the declaration of war on Iraq these words ring true yet again. We can still hear Jesus saying, “Would that you knew the things that make for peace.” We have yet to learn many things.

Years of war have left two devastated countries:

Iraq with its infrastructure systems decimated by bombs and the US with a crumbling infrastructure from lack of funds;

Iraq with hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians dead or displaced and the US with thousands of soldiers dead or contemplating suicide and thousands of civilians homeless from loss of jobs and reductions in social services;

Iraq with depleted uranium and unexploded ordinance littering the land and the US with soldiers suffering from PTSD and moral injury;

Both countries with their economies in shambles.

While officially US troops left Iraq in December 2011, hundreds still remain as trainers, and the Iraqi insurgency continues with bombings and death.

Meanwhile, the US and NATO are still engaged in war in Afghanistan.

As peacemakers, let us:
Pray for peace to come to all the conflicted areas of the world;
Work for peace through political and humanitarian means;
Study the lessons of war that we might raise our voices more effectively for peace.

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