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The March in Raleigh

by Ayden


March 4, 2014

The March in Raleigh

Thousands participated in the Moral March in Raleigh, NC on February 8, 2014. Photo from

I wanted to go to the march in Raleigh because the North Carolina government is making bad decisions and I wanted to help change them. The decisions are not letting people get healthcare, not paying teachers enough money and even making it harder for people to vote!

Some teachers are leaving the state because they are not being paid enough money. And I like my teacher so I’m going to be disappointed if she leaves.

My teacher is Mrs. Hill and she is a very good teacher because she lets us not have to take tests that are way too easy for us, and she will give extra recess!! We are studying about Asia right now and I really like learning about Asian countries.

There were A LOT of people there. I didn’t count them all, but it was a BIG crowd!! I even saw some people from the Circle. One of the chants we said along the way was “Move Forward, Not One Step Back!!” And I saw a sign that said that children should not have to live without a good education. That means we need to keep good teachers!

One of the speakers said that one person is dying every 12 minutes because of not having health care. I think that the government should think about what’s happening and try to change what they’re doing.

Along the march we sang “This Little Light of Mine” with a group of Quakers. I thought that being at the march was one way of letting our light shine. I also thought Jody would have really liked that part!!

After the walking part, we crowded around the stage by the statehouse and chanted and sang and lots of people talked. That part was kind of boring, but I still think it was a good way to let the government know how we feel about some of the decisions they are making.

Afterward I got to go into the statehouse and look around. I thought that was really cool!

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