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Pan African Peace Network & U.S. Programs


June 12, 2017

Through BPFNA's Gavel Fund, we have been able to get to know some incredible peacemakers with the Pan African Peace Network (PAPNET)! Below is a message and slideshow from Dan Buttry on some of the peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation work being done by members of PAPNET.

Dear BPFNA friends:

The Pan African Peace Network has been a partner with the BPFNA since it was formed in Kenya in 2013. A number of their Conflict Transformation trainings have been supported by the BPFNA's Gavel Fund as well as by International Ministries and a couple of local congregations with special mission funds supporting peace work. Here is a musical slideshow about the work of PAPNET to give you a flavor of what is going on in many African countries regarding peace work.


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