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Away Put the Stranger

Lyrics by Greg Thomas


December 22, 2017

Sung to the tune of “Away in the Manger”

Away put the stranger, away from our sight,
They linger in shadows away from the light.
They bed down in places that we never go,
And shivering loneliness mingles with snow.

We angle our eyes avoiding their face
And quicken our step ‘till we get to our place,
We shake our heads wondering what can be done
They huddle in doorways awaiting the sun.

How close to their status, how near to their fate
Just one life’s misfortune and then its too late.
We’d rather not think it, it holds for us fear,
This fate could be ours in the coming New Year.

How can we be family - humanities goal
While sisters and brothers live out in the cold?
Creator of life and dear giver of light,
Use us as your agents to set the world right.

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