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Partner Congregations

 “Thank you for being an oasis in the midst of the desert more times than you know”

— Partner Congregation pastor

Strengthening the network of peacemaking Baptists & encouraging strategic alliances for mission between BPFNA ~ Bautistas por la Paz & local churches, the Partner Congregation program provides member churches with valuable networking opportunities and peacemaking resources. Respecting the soul liberty of individual Baptists, we do not speak for our partners, but rather, we assist them in hearing and responding to Christ’s call of reconciliation and peacemaking in their own time and place.

Want to know more about our Partner Congregations and the work they are doing? Subscribe to Model Ministries, a collection of news items from our Partner Congregations. These stories represent a wide range of programs and initiatives that are addressing peace and justice concerns in the communities served by these congregations.

Partner Congregation News

Calvary Baptist Church Adopts New Senior Minister Model with Women Co-Pastors •

Jitsuo Morikawa Award given to Pastoral Team of North Shore Baptist Church  NSBC Newsletter

Argust and Brokaw Named Recipients of 2014 Shine the Light Award  American Baptist Churches USA

Faith Leaders Oppose Gay Discrimination Laws  Associated Baptist Press

Seattle Church Holds Group Wedding • Associated Baptist Press

The Grassroots Battle Against Big Oil  The Nation


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