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Ministry on the Borderline: Tijuana


January 14 – May 31, 2019

Ray Schellinger will be offering a Tijuana travel course through Palmer Theological Seminary this semester. In addition to Palmer students, this course welcomes seminarians from other institutions (for cross registration credit) or for non-seminarians who are seeking CEU credit or just want to learn. 

Course number and title: CHHM 640 Ministry on the Borderline: Tijuana

Course description

This course is designed to give the student an understanding of immigration and US policy. Though it will look at immigration and refugee issues in general, it will focus special attention on our border with Mexico with a week-long trip to Tijuana during Spring Break. The course will provide many opportunities to engage with the stories of immigrants, asylum seekers and deportees, learning the reasons for their decision to emigrate, the obstacles they have faced along their journeys, and the hopes they hold on to for their futures. The latter part of the class will consist of processing these experiences and seeing how what is learned might be incorporated into congregational and community ministries. Despite our immigrant roots as a country, our national dialogue about immigration has had a tendency to dehumanize those coming to the US in search of a new beginning. This course seeks to re-humanize our image of the sojourners who seek a new home with us, to connect their stories with our own, and to encourage church leaders to act first with compassion as we seek to fulfill Christ's command to welcome the stranger. The course meets once a week in either on-ground or online sessions during the semester, and participation in the trip to Tijuana is required.

Course dates

Starts January 14, ends May 2019. Spring trip to Tijuana will be Saturday March 2-Saturday March 9, and people will need to get to San Diego that Saturday.

Course fees

Flights to San Diego will be covered by each person. $500 fee for the time in Tijuana. $753 course audit fee (scholarships might be available), $1,506 for full 3 credits.

Course instructor: Ray Schellinger

If interested, please email David Bronkema ([email protected]) and copy Eva Ragwan ([email protected]).

Contact Information

David Bronkema
[email protected]

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