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Local & Regional Groups

Local and regional groups were once a core feature of our work, but over time most groups have dissolved. Many people simply did not have time for another monthly or even quarterly meeting. Still, most of our members remain active in issues on the local and regional level. To strengthen and empower that work, we’ve decided to focus our efforts on empowering special projects and events and/or work on specific issues. At each summer gathering, we will convene regional/local groups to allow them to make plans for the rest of the year. Such plans might include such things as a Friendship Tour focused on a local issue, an advocacy emphasis focused on an issue of regional relevance, or a Peace Mini-Camp such as those that have taken place in the Rochester, NY area. The BPFNA will assist by providing space/time for convening, helping with publicity, and  working to make projects/gatherings known to local members of other Baptist organizations as well as other denominational Peace Fellowships.

If you have an idea for a local or regional project or event, contact LeDayne McLeese Polaski at [email protected]

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