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“BPFNA is a cause and organization I’m proud to be part of!”

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Join us in the movement for Peace rooted in Justice!

Welcome to BPFNA ~ Bautistas por la Paz. We are thrilled that you are interested in joining us in our vision to create a world in which God’s justice is enacted in various ways locally, nationally, and globally. We at BPFNA ~ Bautistas por la Paz recognize that we need each other to do this work in a world that is seemingly disconnected from the struggles for justice people face around the globe. Justice-seekers often feel alone. The community that has grown out of BPFNA ~ Bautistas por la Paz is involved on many fronts, and we are certain you can find a place of support and belonging while working with us as we live out our commitment to peace rooted in justice.


Q: Why join?

A: Many have found encouragement in the work they are doing through connecting with us. We commit to working with you to:

  • Find ways to bring your energy, commitment, and gifts into this movement of social change grounded in the love of Christ for all of humanity;
  • Strengthen links with Baptists across North America - from numerous Baptist conventions, crossing many racial/ethnic boundaries, throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico;
  • Keep in touch with news about other Baptists - individuals, local congregations, convention bodies and more - and their peacemaking involvements and give you opportunities to support their work;
  • Provide resources for you through our publications of personal stories, Bible study and worship resources, reports on trouble spots and peacemaking successes in North America and abroad, and theological reflection;
  • Be informed of various gatherings of Baptist peacemakers, of unique educational opportunities, of BPFNA "friendship tours" - trips which introduce North American Baptists to Baptist peacemakers in places like Russia, Burma (Myanmar), Nicaragua and Liberia.
  • Share a constant flow of creative and practical ideas for what you can do right where you are - ideas and resources that help you and others in your congregation move beyond general concern to direct involvement in ministry...from being merely "convinced" to being convicted about following Jesus.

Click here to learn more about our members and the work they are doing for peace rooted in justice.

Q: How can I contribute?

A: We are hopeful that you can contribute in one or more of these expressions of commitment:

Monetary Contributions

All the work we do relies on the financial support from those passionate about peace rooted in justice. One way to become a member is through giving annual monetary donations to help support our work. While we do list suggested donation amounts, we are grateful for any amount you are able to give. Click here to donate now.

Other Contributions

There are many ways to participate in this organization and in the work of peace and justice, and we welcome all expressions of the passion you have for the work of justice in the world. Please fill out this form to let us know in which ways you are able to contribute.

Q: I’m already involved in another organization, can I still collaborate and share with BPFNA~Bautistas por la Paz?

A: Of course! It is our hope that you and those around you will catch the vision of BPFNA ~ Bautistas por la Paz and join us as we become a people witnessing to God’s peace rooted in justice ~ working together until it comes. Testificando sobre la paz de Dios enraizada en justicia ~ Trabajando hasta que llegue.

Click here to learn more about our Partner Congregation program. You can also click here to see who else we've partnered with.

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