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Conflict Transformation Training


"Thank you for an experience that lived up to the training’s promises of personal transformation and the gaining of skills for world transformation." -2013 Participant



Unfortunately this event has been canceled for 2014.


In May of 2013... "13 people from across North America shared a unique experience of training, learning, Bible Study and prayer that for many was indeed a transformative experience. They investigated together a number of topics, learned to welcome and get to know one another, to listen to one another; learned about learning - experiential, risky, discomfiting, challenging and stretching learning. They discussed and played their way through issues around difference, diversity, race and racialisation, unsurfaced biases and prejudices, economic literacy, the contours of conflict and how we respond to it, restorative justice and the economic roots of violence... Since the training happened, participants are already reporting actions, initiatives, plans, breakthroughs. One has heard God’s call to transformative action in the economic war zone that is the City of Detroit. Another reports on her growing boldness to attempt things never before imagined, beginning with some facilitated ‘tastes’ of the training with members of her prayer group. Others are already at work on plans to resist a new drone manufacturing plant, create a workplace curriculum on conflict transformation and train the youth group... Surely this is what we mean when we talk about ourselves as equippers and mobilisers – labouring together in the world to transform it, beginning with ourselves." (Click here to read more about last year's training event)

During this two-week training, you will develop skills in conflict transformation and nonviolence; the Bible and peacemaking; economic and media literacy; gender and violence; workshop design; and non-violent communication through experiential learning.

Whether you are a student discerning your path in life, retired and looking for a new way to serve, or somewhere in-between, we are looking for all who want to explore this exciting path to peacemaking!


Unfortunately this event has been canceled for 2014.


Lee McKenna is a trainer, teacher, writer, facilitator, musician and storyteller with more than 20 years of experience working in Conflict Transformation, at home and away, including conflict zones in Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Lee has had articles published in dozens of newspapers, magazines and journals; her areas of expertise include non-violence, economics, human rights, ethics, public policy, anthropology and theology. Lee is highly recognized as a Peacemaker and in 2010 was awarded the YMCA Peace Medallion. She holds a MDiv degree and is a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto.

Evelyn Hanneman, operations  coordinator with the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America, has been with the BPFNA since 1999. Originally from Rochester, NY, Evelyn graduated from the State University College at Geneseo, NY with a degree in Liberal Arts English. She then received her Masters of Arts degree in Urban Studies from Southern Connecticut state University and studied at Andover Newton Theological School. With a life-long concern for justice, Evelyn’s major interest involves educating people on issues of peace with justice and helping them relate them to their own lives.












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