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La justicia ante la crisis en Puerto Rico

La justicia ante la crisis en Puerto Rico

May 24, 2016 | Abordar la crisis económica en Puerto Rico debe ocupar un espacio importante en la vida de la iglesia. La consecuencia de las decisiones económicas de las últimas administraciones ha sumido a Puerto Rico en una de sus peores crisis, no tan sólo económicas, sino también sociales e incluso espirituales. Actualmente, Puerto Rico cuenta con una deuda de US$72.000 millones. Como iglesia tenemos que levantar la voz al unísono para afirmar y exigir la justicia ante la crisis y presentar de forma clara los actores que nos llevaron a esta crisis.  Read more »

Too Much of a Good Thing: A Transgender Challenge for Pentecost

May 23, 2016 | This story from Genesis is confusing and confounding. There isn’t a picture in our scriptures, anywhere, that depicts people who seem to have gotten their act together any better than this text. Just imagine: The people had one language and the same words. No communication barriers. They had migrated together, and had settled, in order to build community. They knew their strength was in numbers. They didn’t want to be scattered so they stopped, to build the first city in the world! Yes, God could see what a good thing it was – but God also knew that too much of a good thing. God also knows, looking across human history, that we have never been able to handle too much of a good thing. Read more »

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